Vintage Boudoir in Brighton and Hove

I have blogged about Taboudoir as I often work with photographer Emma Meston to make over people for their own boudoir shoots.

Recently we have had a few clients asking to do vintage boudoir.  These are people who have never sported vintage looks before as they didn't know how to so they have wanted to be completely transformed for their boudoir shoot.

We also had a client who dresses in a vintage way and her style is very 1950's so for her boudoir shoot she wanted a 1930's/40's feel for it instead.

As the hair and make up artist, I start their transformation in the singstar room at the Hotel Pelirocco I then become stylist to look at their 'wear' that they have brought along to create the look that they are wanting to achieve.

They disappear up to which ever room they have chosen to have their boudoir shoot in and Emma creates their look for them.

From speaking to each client I have discovered that people have boudoir shoots for many different reasons; Some as a wedding present for their husband to be, others have been diagnosed with an illness and want these photos before they go through treatment.  Some people have lost a lot of weight and have these pictures done for themselves as a reward whilst others are given the gift of a boudoir shoot from their loved one.

What ever the reason and whoever these shoots are for, I can guarantee you one thing - with Myself and Emma they will be relaxed and fun and you will love your images at the end of the process.

So, if this is something that you have always wanted to do, or whether your mind has toyed with this idea, please get in touch and book now (we have a special offer for a very limited time)

Here are some results from a few recent vintage boudoir shoots:


We are happy to travel to any hotel in the South East of England for your shoot to take place, otherwise we are happy to arrange using a room at the hotel pelirocco in Brighton so please get in touch and book in for your boudoir shoot either through or myself on 07906 393 807 or you can email me at

Best Regards



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