Make Up Inspiration

Every now and then I like to get into the studio with a model and photographer to have some creative fun, learn and use new techniques and generally this helps me to become a better make up artist and hair stylist.

Sometimes these 'studio days' have a plan which takes a few weeks to get everything together before we all meet up and create the final look.

Other times we just play it by ear, wait until we get to the studio or some one will put forward a suggestion which we go with and then let the shoot unfold before our eyes.

My Latest shoot was the later of the 3 above.

I got together with photographer Emma Meston - and model / hair stylist Yolanda Carella with a 'monochrome' out line.

I quickly ordered a few bobs from Annabelle's Wigs so that we could play around with a few different styles and we all met up at the studio.

The studio that we was in has a huge 'prop' section, lots of clothes and all sorts of things so as soon as you enter the studio, my mind starts to tick whilst taking it all in.

There are also a few photos by photographer John Farrar which are truly inspirational.

Here are the results of that creative day;

 Yolanda brought along a hair piece that she had made at home using plenty of hair extensions that fitted in perfectly with our theme.

Once we had finished with our looks of the day I couldn't help but spot some hundreds and thousands sitting on the side so quickly we found a pink dress and managed to get one final look for the day and covered yolanda in sugar coated strands!

Let me know what you think of the results :-)


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