Alan Carr as the X Factor judges for Closer Magazine

I received a phone call from Closer magazine asking me to help make up artist Natacha Schmitt make over Alan Carr to become each x factor judge!

The phonecall was received one day before the shoot ...... we only had 1 hour with the fantastically funny man Mr Carr and the pressure was on!

Equipped with Annabelle's Wigs, stipple sponges, false eyelashes, nail polish, fake nails and anything else we could think of we met up at the London Television Studios and was shown to a dressing room where we promptly set up, including the photographer putting up his white screen.

In came Alan and off we set to work!

Starting on Louis Walsh - as Natacha made him up, I set to spraying his hair grey, plonked a smiffy's wig on top and the final touches of 'broken cappileries' were added to his cheeks and he was ready

Now on to Gary Barlow - off with the wig, now to spray his hair brown instead!  The red cheeks were removed by Natacha, make up re-applied and we stippled on a very quick make shift beard! One costume change later and off he went

Next up was Tulisa - we quickly wiped of as much stubble as we could and whilst Natacha set to work with applying as much make up as possible I quickly put my Annabelle's Wig on Alan then set to work painting false nails as Natacha attached eyelashes!

Last but not least was Nicole Scherzinger.  Natacha applied a slightly darker foundation and a change of lip colour and blush was in order.  I swapped wigs for a quiffed plait that had been styled at home the previous night.  Next up was a repaint of the falsies and a last costume change and Nicole was ready to strutt her stuff (I think Mr Carr liked this look best)

With 20 seconds to spare, Alan was more than happy to pose for photo's with myself and Natacha.... then he was off!

The final outcome can be seen in this week's Christmas edition of Closer Magazine

All I can say was that this very tongue in cheek kinda shot was right up my street...... and so much fun!


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