How to style Annabelle's Wigs

As a make up artist and hair stylist I often have to create elaborate hair styles for people who don't have either long enough hair or thick enough hair - this is where a hair piece can add much needed hair and shine to create a look special enough for brides to wear on their special day.

I received a phone call from a bride recently who was getting married the following week and asked me to create a few hair styles using Annabelle's Wigs Hair pieces from the Lino range.
Here are the results;

Using the High Pony (Poppy) I started by setting it in heated curlers and then plaited and weaved the top of the pony to create some interest into the piece.

 I finished by applying a few small rose buds into the piece to match the brides bouquet.
 Next, using another High Pony (Poppy) - I wrapped the entire length of the hair piece around the existing clip to create a large bun that could be placed anywhere on the brides head (top bun, low bun or even side bun)
 I also created two other hair styles - both using the Artemis Bun - the first one I put some padding inside to give the illusion that it is wider (second bun to the right)
The last style I created (first on the right) I used two Artemis Buns and set them both in heated curlers.  Once set I lightly teased out the curls and secured both buns together before placing the rose buds into strategic places.
Which one did the bride choose to wear on her wedding day? - All FOUR of course!
And luckily, all pieces I created so that they could be placed into her own hair with ease, using each hair piece's own clip that it comes already fitted with.

Why choose the  Lino Range at Annabelle's Wigs ? - because these fantastic affordable pieces can be styled with heat and make your hair look extra shiny and healthy.


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