How to apply make up on your eyebrows

People underestimate just how important it is to define and shape your eyebrows.

If you have fair eyebrows that hardly get seen - do still get them shaped by either pucking or threading (I prefer both these to waxing as you get a much more defined and natural shape)

Filling in eyebrows creates a natural 'lift' to the eye and also creates more space to your eyelid for applying eyeshadow.

Please watch my video showing exactly how to fill in your eyebrows;

It is up to you what make up product you use to fill in your eyebrows - I always you eyebrow powder as powder blends really well and you can correct any mistakes you make easily.
Pencil will always give you a 'hardened' look.
Wax will help keep your eyebrows in your desired shape.
If your eyebrows are already quite full and don't need filling in it is still advisable to use a clear mascara to shape and define them.

Remember - We don't only fill in our eyebrows to create a new shape, but some people's eyebrows are quite 'sparse' so the hair needs filling in too!

Any questions? feel free to ask.


  1. Your tips are so easily & looking good. Thanks for share. I like it very much.


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