The secret behind BB creams

A few days ago I was looking through a magazine when I came across an article on BB creams - I had come across BB (Beauty Balm) creams when working as a cosmetic camouflage consultant so read further.
BB creams are basically used in the medical profession to help with healing skin after someone has suffered a trauma - this can be a burn, laser skin surgery or an  operation.
BB creams are applied to the area and they help to heal the skin and reduce redness, on top of this they also work as a 24 hour moisturiser, a sun block, primer AND a foundation!

So, a few days ago I went shopping - mainly I was looking for a moisturiser to get me though this horrible cold winter weather that we are having as my skin has completely dried up and I have so many blemishes it really does not look good!
I found myself in Superdrug looking for a moisturising face mask when what should I see but Garnier BB cream on the shelf!.... I brought it!  I knew that this couldn't just be some beauty scam making me buy a product that doesn't work as I had seen how great this product could be in my line of work, but still I was dubious as I didn't know how it would be once it had hit the beauty production line!
So, this morning I decided to try it out - Already I had decided that there was no chance that the cream would cover my skin with enough coverage to hide my spots as it does come out of the tube a bit like a tinted moisturiser.
I was however surprised by it having a slightly better coverage than a tinted moisturiser.  I applied it as a moisturiser all over my face and immediately saw an improvement.  I did feel the need to apply my usual foundation and concealer on top, but overall my skin looks a lot better today than it has for quite a long time.
When I take my make up off at the end of the day I am still hoping to see an improvement to my skin as this is what the BB cream, over time is meant to help out with.
There are many BB creams on the market and I have only tried one - so far, I get on with it.  But quite frankly not only have the medical professionals been using it for a long time to help with the healing process, the Asian market have been using these creams for quite a long time now so it does make you wonder why it has taken so long for the UK market to discover them!

For now, I think the BB creams are fantastic whether you use them on their own or chooses to apply foundation on top it really doesn't matter as long as they have the healing properties they say they do, I think I might be a little but addicted!


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