How to choose the perfect foundation colour to suit your skin tone

Today's video demonstrates how to choose your perfect foundation colour for your skin tone;

It really is worth spending the time to get the correct colour foundation for your skin tone - If you always use the correct colour, your make up will always look perfect!
Take a good close look at your skin to decide which colour undertone it has - this will be either pink, yellow or blue.  An easy way to tell is that pick undertones will always flush pink during exercise, they are also prone to sunburn.  Yellow undertones tend to tan quite easily and it looks like quite a warm colour.  Blue undertones can be spotted in people with darker skins giving a slightly 'cooler' look.

Once you have determined which colour undertone you have, this is the colour foundation that you will need to buy - don't go against your own colour as it won't look right.  I do find that most foundations available at the moment tend to only have a yellow undertone so I suggest that you take a look at Supercover foundations and Kryolan foundations as they both have a lot of colours with pink, yellow and blue undertones.

To test the colour, ALWAYS test it on your jawline to make sure that it blends away (NOT the back of your hand which is a completely different colour to your face) - Always go into natural daylight to make sure that the foundation blends away and to make sure that it isn't too dark, light etc.

If you do want to look either lighter or darker than you naturally are, DO NOT try to achieve this by using the wrong colour foundation - There are always tell tale signs that you are using the wrong colour, and the overall finish will not look as perfect as it could do.  If you do want to look darker, you can achieve this afterwards by applying bronzer, alternatively if you want to look lighter, you can use a light or white finishing powder.

I hope this helps...... Any Questions?


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