How to Apply Foundation

I have made this short video demonstrating how to apply your foundation to get the best and most natural results.
I hope you enjoy!

In this Video I have used supercover cream foundation which is a cream mineral formulation great for HD TV and for close up shots.  The results are extremely natural, giving you a clear canvass to apply the rest of your make up on to.

Please remember, your foundation is not used to cover blemishes or unwanted markings on your face - that is the job of your concealer, your foundation is used to even your skin tone and to give you a clear canvass to add to.

Some people like to make their skin look more tanned or darker than it naturally is - If you apply a foundation that is too dark to achieve this look, your make up will never look natural, and there will always be tell-tale signs around your jaw line, hair line and eyebrows.   You actually need to apply the correct colour foundation and then apply bronzer at the end of your make up to look more tanned or darker.

This also applies if you are wanting to make your skin look lighter - do not apply lighter foundation, just apply a light powder or white (colourless) powder to set your base if you want to look lighter.

Any questions?....... just ask!
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