A Christmas Wedding at The High Rocks, Tunbridge

Last weekend's wedding was a very last minute one  - In fact, the head bridesmaid contacted me only two weeks before the wedding and asked me to do make up for the bride and 3 bridesmaids - no trial needed!

Therefore, I turned up with my entire make up kit, ready for a Christmas wedding, and boy did I get one! - The bride wore Red and seeing as all the girls were young, they were happy to experiment with make up and use as much colour as possible!

Yeah for me - two weddings in a row where I get to do what I want! (as long as they like the final result) - Of course, they loved their make up, and now I get to share it with you;
 The Bride wore red
 Base - Supercover, Concealer - Dermacolor, Powder - Supercover Setting Powder, Eyebrows - Kryolan eyebrow powder, Eyelids - Yellow all over, orange / gold liner above and below eyes, concealer pencil on inner eyes, Black liquid eyeliner applied on top eye lid finished by applying false eyelashes and maybelline mascara, Cheeks - supercover orange blush, Lips - Supercover natural liner, supercover lipstick in red with white shimmer and gloss on top. Highlight and shading, finished with Dermacolor Fixing spray to make all make up waterproof and sweat proof.
 The Bridesmaids were in deep purple.
 Base - supercover primer followed by supercover foundation, concealer - Dermacolor, setting powder - supercover, eyelids - Beige base, Green sockets, gold middle finished with black liquid liner (I prefer Rimmel), Maybelline Mascara, concealer pencil applied to the inner eyes, Cheeks - supercover in pink, lips - supercover lip liner, pink lipstick, clear gloss on top, Dermacolor fixing spray to finish off.
 Big eyes!
 supercover primer, foundation - supercover, concealer - dermacolor, powder - supercover setting powder, eyebrows - kryolan eyebrow powder, eyelids - white shimmer, purple sockets, black liquid liner applied to top, purpler liner below eyes, false eyelashes applied, cheeks - supercover pink, lips - supercover natural lip liner followed by pink lipstick and finished with gloss, highlight and shade, fix with dermacolor fixing spray.

Supercover primer followed by foundation - supercover, concealer - dermacolor, powder - supercover fixing powder, eyebrows brushed through and clear mascara applied, eyelids, yellow base, orange sockets, gold centre, dark brown liner applied to upper and lower lids, maybelline mascara, cheeks - supercover peach, lips - supercover liner, rust lipstick, clear gloss on top, highlight and shade - dermacolor fixing powder applied to make all make up waterproof and sweat proof.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


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